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A brief history of disposable coffee cups
Jun 08, 2016

If you were to trace the history of the disposable coffee cups, from disposable cups appears to speak of. In early 20th century, when the United States Boston, there was a man named Lawrence Luellen, who is a lawyer and inventor. United States after the civil war, due to the development of the temperance movement, ordinary drinking water is more popular. When people drink water almost always use metal, wooden or ceramic cups, and most of the people are using a common Cup. As more and more Americans are beginning to understand the harm of bacteria, and also realized that the public with no health. 1907,Luellen invented paper cups, this cheap and convenient, don't need to share with others, and after using it can be thrown away. Luellen says the Cup for Health Kup. This was later renamed as the Dixie Cup.