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Disposable cups for art students to make various decorations.
Jun 08, 2016

Yesterday, vocational basic courses of artistic design of Jiangsu Province exhibition held at the art gallery in the South, from Nanjing Arts Institute in higher vocational college and Jiangsu Province, a number of related professional College of art and design students exhibited the works of two exhibition halls. This show very grounded, work materials taken from daily life: little wool, paper, nails, paper cups and other students "brain hole wide open" design, transformed into ornamental decorations.

Middle of the exhibition hall on the second floor, a group known as the "Dutch" stream of oil on canvas drawings caught the attention of reporters. Half is a residual charge on the screen, connects the lower part a few subtle watermark, a residual charge plus a few ripples, the whole composition simple charm long. "This is so wonderful! "Sent onlookers admiration. "Is not filmed. "Creator told reporters that they took a picture of the residual charge, and pull out one of the branches, the charm of trickling water below, is actually PS," and printed on canvas in the picture, just feel it, become a very decorative painting. ”