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Disposable paper Cup trays with 36 hours of soluble
Jun 08, 2016

Daily News (reporter Hu Wenjin) yesterday, "Wen return" Zhejiang Hua Wei material enterprises limited in Yongjia oubei headquarters held a signing ceremony, famous actor bohong employment in the enterprise "public interest environmental protection ambassadors". This also means that Zhejiang Hua Wei material of bio-degradable materials began to "family".

Last September, Wen Wu Shou home investment of 1 billion yuan to build a 1 million-ton BMSC bio-degradable materials industrial base, mainly through the use of starch and bentonite as raw materials, formation of injection molding, blowing, bi-directional film and all four series of material covered foam film, makes the new material to replace traditional plastic packaging materials, make a contribution to environmental protection. This year, Zhejiang Hua Wei once again successfully used starch, bentonite clay and straw materials, this new material can produce cheap disposable paper cups, plates, bowls and seedlings to farmers, such as product and MDF. After using the new materials, disposable cups and dining plates, bowls and other 36 hours to dissolve after use peasants after the seedling in the seedling can be left in the ground dissolved substrates. Other biodegradable materials in the materials and form a "family".

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