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Disposable plastic cups cups, jinyun sampling
Jun 08, 2016

With the weather getting colder, disposable plastic cup, paper Cup will usher in the season. In order to make the general public "drink at ease" to ensure consumer safety and health consumers, on October 14, jinyun market supervision Bureau of disposable plastic cups, paper cups, special supervision and inspection work. This sampling total sample 9 batch, the entire sampling procedures are conducted in accordance with legal procedures. Sampling of unqualified products, the Bureau shall investigate and handle in a timely manner, the results will also be open to the public according to law.

The Joint Inspection Unit in Jinhua city of quality and technical supervision and inspection on the area larger 6 necessities store sales of disposable plastic cups, paper cups for supervision and inspection. Law enforcement officers into the first of all the plastic cup, paper Cup check package, see whether the factory site of plant, the production batch number, production date, shelf life package, in line with national standards. And shelves, plastic cups, paper cups for random sampling, the samples were sealed on site. Testing personnel in accordance with national standards (GB/T27590-2011) health indicators for plastic cups, paper cups, physical performance testing.