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Hotel disposable supplies needed save
Jun 08, 2016

Don't know when to start, use of disposable items became a consumer fashion. Life a little attention, has too many disposable things, small to large hotels, restaurants, entertainment places, disposable paper cups, disposable chopsticks, disposable towel, comb, disposable toothbrushes at once, and so on. Disposable products in the mass consumption accounted for a growing proportion. No wonder people call disposable supplies now is too much, so much used to throw disposable supplies each year consumes valuable resources!

According to the data show that a growth of more than 10 years of trees, made of only 3000 to 4000 pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks. At present, China's annual consumption of up to 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks, need to cut about 25 million trees, equivalent to a volume of timber felled in the province. In order to demand disposable humans uncontrolled deforestation, green will be less and less of our Earth, mountains are more disposable wooden products, as well as other products.