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Seen from the garden of Starbucks marketing brands new marketing trends
Jun 08, 2016

If you Han Guoxing Starbucks for a coffee to go, will follow the paper Cup presented a package of seeds and planting soil mixed with coffee grounds. Don't know what kinds? OK, scan the QR code on the package, it will show in detail steps for DIY. "Do small pots in a greenhouse with upper and lower lid, add water in the Cup, your little plants can grow in pots and grow. "The experience was not very fresh at all? is it only fresh?

It also has a social significance, that is environmentally friendly. Annual Korea disposable coffee cup consumption reached about 300 million, this idea can greatly reduce waste waste, full of positive energy. And because a huge number, but also has extensive. This activity from Korea started to became popular in the world, there is a total of 970 million people in 51 countries participate, DIY your own little garden! by wide use of social networking platforms and interactive, this activity and "DIY small garden" and bask in the Sun, forming a network transmission. Liu Yutang with that "lovely, fresh, green, current" by these words, activity plan was a great success.