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Shanghai sold more than disposable plastic cups as spineless
Jun 08, 2016

Texture is light, easy to use, in recent years, disposable plastic cups has been the public. But worth public note is, one-time plastic cup in brings convenient Shi, also may raised security hidden even brewing security accident: if its material not qualified, plastic in the some toxic harmful material may on will diluted to cup water in the, effect drinking who body health; if one-time plastic cup is "cartilage head", in costumes food or with hand hold Shi easy deformation, led high temperature food overflow, may Burns consumers.

Quality of disposable plastic cups on the market do? Shanghai Municipal supervisory Bureau for quality and technical Yi chuan Lu Xin Cun, four teams of law enforcement Corps came to the road crossing of a large supermarket RAID. At the scene, law enforcement officers randomly pulled out of the six brands from supermarket shelves after the 6 different types of disposable plastic cups, upside down (the Cup down, Cup upside down) on the glass counter in the chilled Cabinet level next, followed by a 3-kilogram weights one by one gently on top of the Cup.