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Tips teach you from the single poison paper Cup
Jun 08, 2016

FirstTake a photo, and the light: blue, fluorescent agent carefully over

When selecting disposable paper cups, don't just look at paper cups of white color is not white, do not think that the more white the color of health, some paper manufacturers in order to make the glass look more white, add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. Once these harmful substances enter the body, could be a potential cancer-causing factors.

Second, pinch pinch: body soft collapse are not strong, be careful leaks

In addition, to use the glass is thick stiff paper cups, Cup are very good paper cups are soft to pinch, pour water or drink, will end up severely deformed, affect the use. When you select a paper Cup, may be at the sides of the cup gently squeeze, we can know of the Cup are very bad.

Third, the smell: the glass color fancy, be careful of ink poisoning

Paper cups are stacked together, if exposed to moisture or contamination, will cause mildew, damp paper Cup must not be used.