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Wu Hairong: car hot and cold glass of cold and warm your choice
Jun 08, 2016

"A car cup water, boiling in the driving, ice water. Very fresh, right? I'll do this. "Tai-Cheng electronic technology limited company, Taizhou Wu Hairong said.

"Wu start for decades, has been innovation and change, car hot and cold cups are his latest creative project. "Wu Hairong and road and Bridge Street branch of rural cooperative bank for many years, the branch account manager Li Qiongjia said.

Starting from the 80 's of last century, Wu Hairong created sprayer parts, sales of sanitary ware, tobacco shops, and restaurants that open. In 2003, he carried the printing industry, packaging printing company limited founding day flag, thriving business. But he is not satisfied, in 2009, his r-car hot and cold cups, embarked on a unique entrepreneurial path.