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2016 College Entrance Examination: Warm Heart Service Love The City
Jun 08, 2016

On June 7, the annual college entrance examination as scheduled. Within the examination room, candidates who wrote end to the dream. Outside the examination room, not only in anticipation of parents, teachers, earnest exhortations and blessings for the students, there are a variety of volunteer service teams of college entrance examination, providing services to students and parents.

Life insurance company: send free water fan

On June 7, the crowd gate, a high school, college entrance exam students who are entering the examination hall. Reporters on the scene saw, PICC point of service staff of college entrance examination, are busy providing students, parents with free mineral water and a fan, site pulled "people's insurance candidates who pass the examination of the city" banner. Life insurance company Stonebridge introduced Du Jianmin, Customer Service Manager, college entrance examination to ensure that the services of a seamless, life insurance company exam services staff from 8 o'clock in the morning, has services to all exam candidates out of the field. During this period, staff do everything possible to provide students and parents with the caring service, helping them successfully completed the University entrance exam.