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Afternoon Kindergarten Environmental Activities: Environmental Protection Material Fashion Show
Jun 08, 2016

MOM and dad pitched grunt show up

In the heat of the summer, if we can have a unique silk fans must have been of his own composition, a really cool thing. And three kids, do it yourself, use brushes, cotton swabs, paint a variety of materials, decorative fans, in a Trice, various works from children's hands "change" came out. Carefully planned activities for parents and children are enthusiastic, so that parents and children spend the most warm, the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Followed by wonderful parents and environmental protection show begins, teachers preparing multiple rooms early gauntlet has been full of children and parents. Green clothing but at home a few days ago and baby ready, waiting for your activity you must show up. You've seen discs, bags, paper, garbage bags, shopping bags, tablecloths, paper cups and other clothing? You see Grandma and Grandpa in a green suit: on the catwalk show? Today's Green show also allow MOM and dad to take the opportunity to help the children round the dream. Look! I am Princess Aisha I armor Warrior, haha I am SpongeBob, I'm Prince melon Oh! …… A fresh role in children and parents play.