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Big Paper Bottom Roll Compact Structure
Jun 19, 2017

Big Paper Bottom Roll Compact structure

The bottom roller is an analysis and study of the phase composition and structural changes of al2o3-sio2 in the process of using al2o3-sio2 in the CSP system. Results show that the obvious characteristics of the castable is of compact structure, reasonable, especially the use of compound binder, giving both products at room temperature bonding strength, but also in the temperature gradient, the binder is not synchronized with the adjacent phase is continuous sintering reaction, make the products always maintain stable volume, compact structure and has a certain strength.

Bottom roller pressure type sugarcane crushing machine, its structural features from the original top roller pressure under the bottom roller pressure, through set up under the front roller and the roller bearing hydraulic piston cylinder to achieve. Compared with the existing technology, the machine has stable transmission, less wear and tear, long life, good reliability, simple structure, light weight, easy to adjust the best work parameters and low energy consumption and higher efficiency. Suitable for use in sugarcane press. Bottom roller pressure type sugarcane crushing machine, includes top roller (1), roller (2) before and after the comb roller (3), (4), discharge chute (5), into the material tank (6), frame (7) and base (8), its characteristics in the roller (2) before and after the roll bearing by (3) set the hydraulic piston cylinder (9) and (10).

The paper super press machine with resin bottom roller, it is in the existing bottom roller core (1) the outer wall bag has the resin coating layer (2). It has the advantages of high hardness, long period, easy to eliminate paper surface, and paper disease, which do not need to be run at the same time, cost low

The printing press roller is composed of two parts: spindle and roll. The shaft head is a staircase, and there is a large number of rounded corners, inverted corners, and keyways. The roller surface is hard chrome and the bottom roller is 45 quality steel.

This data is as follows: the total length of 1928mm, the cylinder length 1468mm, the outside diameter 129.36 mm, the inner diameter 104mm, the length of the stair axis is from left to right: 30mm, 135mm, 53mm, 65mm, 49mm, 125mm. The diameter is 45mm, 60mm, 60mm, 45mm, 35mm. The size of 45 steel modulus is 2.07 x 1011MPa, the pis ratio mu = 0.29, and the density is 7.85 g/cm3.

Analysis: 1. Because the bottom roller is axial symmetric, the modeling can be modeled with symmetry, and the body is formed by the plane.

The surface pressure of the paper pull is the contact part of the paper and the cylinder. Paper and drum interface is local, the normal pressure is a gradient force, the slope is 1.23, bearing surface is monotone increasing from 115.53 ° and 152.675 °, from 152.675 ° and 189.82 ° is monotone decreasing.

3. By the bottom roller bearing paper pulling force of 1400 n, F, compared with other load paper tension produced by the surface pressure and gravity is the largest, also is the main load, the deflection are mainly surface pressure, gravity and bearing constraints, etc. The force applied is the force of the unit area.