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Big Paper Bottom Roll There Are Different Categories
Oct 24, 2017

Big Paper Bottom Roll There are different categories

For the characteristics of different food and customer needs, now on the market there have been different types of Lemao, such as PE film, PLA film, PP film. Disposable paper cups in addition to the installation of hot and cold, but also with soup, ice cream, instant noodles and other different food. In the past, 16oz Coca-Cola single-layer cold cups are mainly used inside the pe film, while the outside is waxed to achieve the role of water vapor, and now this type of cup basically have been eliminated, replaced by double-sided pe cup. In addition to pe linen, the most common of this Lecce, there are some customers for environmental protection have a very high demand, requiring food packaging can be completely degradable. So these cups are usually drenched on PLA linen (polylactic acid, biodegradable material), which is a fully degradable material that can all be degraded naturally after use. In addition, other food packaging emphasizes the function of microwave fast food, so this requires paper containers and other paper containers with PP film, in order to achieve long-term microwave heating food purposes. The latter two are in recent years, the development of paper cups in the new trend and direction. Especially the application of PLA membrane, making the paper container packaging really achieve the purpose of biodegradable, environmentally friendly. Why is it called a one-time paper cup, because it is not used for a long time, the same meaning of the same chopsticks can not be repeated use. Although it is a one-time paper cup, is not made of pure paper, mainly with a relatively thick paper, the outside of a layer of coated paper, and then processing on it. The coated paper is coated with plastic particles on the surface of the material through a finisher. It features a lot of water and oil and its heat resistance is very good. Laminating paper has a different classification: lined release paper, Glaxin release paper, CCK release paper or other paper type. There are many characteristics of the coated paper, the surface is very clean, because the environment is different to make the product cleanliness is not the same. Many manufacturers in order to opportunistic, more revenue, so the production of products, waterproof performance does not come out, which will have a lot of time to reduce the use of paper cups, the environment will be destroyed.

We often see the paper cup will have a layer of slippery film, this layer is the coated paper, its role is more resistant to high temperature, moisture-proof performance is also very good, then it's the production process is what? Although there is a little bit of complexity, but the staff to make the time is very serious and responsible. First with a printed release paper, coated paper, silicone paper first printed, this step is very important, and then smear, the use of plastic film will be evenly coated on top, this time the first step is complete The. And then use the coating machine will be organic silicon cloth into other materials surface, so that the formation of a layer of silicone oil layer, the role of this step is anti-oil does not stick. Because in the production of the time, do a lot of face, this time it is necessary to split it, make a single product, and then according to the needs of customers cut.