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Hand In Hand With Love Cast Water Civilization
Jun 08, 2016

In this season of vibrant, reviving everything, in order to give the general public to create a clean, neat, comfortable living and working environment, the County Government issued the call a civilized city, every one of us should respond positively to the Government's call to work together to jointly played the vanguard of this struggle when creating healthy victory. Of course we should be "civilized" make their contribution, in order to be a good civilized people.

No accumulation of small flow into rivers, bujikuibu without even a mile. Creation of civilized cities we need everyone together. In fact, we can do a lot, you can start from the dribs and drabs of life. Like, if you daily are bent to picked ground of a Zhang paper, so you through of road on will more a copies clean; if you daily less with a plastic bags, on will less is white pollution; if you in day readily put home of electric out, on will less waste is energy; if you refused to using one-time of chopsticks, one-time paper Cup, on will on green of forest more is love.