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Hand-on Technology
Jun 08, 2016

Paper Cup rotating lamp

Why do candle cups light turning?

Ingredients: 1 cups 2, a toothpick, candle-1 volume 1, tape, rope 1, scissors, 1


1, take a paper Cup, cut a square at the Cup are symmetric, in the bottom of the Cup candle on a fixed, as the base of the lamp.

2, another paper cups in the Cup are approximately equidistant location cut out three or four rectangular blades, in the bottom of the Cup at the Center to put on the rope, rods with a toothpick, as seat of the lamp.

3, place two cups counterparts stuck fixing with adhesive tape.

4, candles, pulling up the rope and see what happens.

1, when the candle Burns, flame tip upward direction.

2, the heated air rises, and then along the top of the paper Cup fan outlet flow, resulting in rotation of.