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Paper Cup Bottom Composites
Nov 03, 2017

Paper Cup Bottom Composites

Linoleum paper is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the paper surface composite material, the main feature is that the composite material can be oil-resistant, waterproof (relative), can heat. Different uses to take its different characteristics: When used in packaging hamburgers, whichever oil-based features. McDonald's is 80 degrees of edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil spill. When used in coated paper orders, take its waterproof properties. When used in automatic packaging machine packaging, take its heat-sealing properties. There are plastic coated paper, because the release agent has a certain permeability, if there is no barrier, the release agent will penetrate into the interior of the paper, resulting in poor curing and the release agent is too large (high cost) and many other undesirable factor. So need to do plastic coating on paper (commonly known as lamination), the domestic general use of polyethylene (PE) particles for lamination, the melt index required at 7 or so, the domestic PE particles are generally selected Yanshan Petrochemical 1C 7A. Divided into single-plastic release paper and double-plastic release paper; Plastic-free release paper, there are Gela Xin, CCK and other special treatment by the other release paper.

1 . Lamination release paper

After the base paper by Lin Mo, in the coating surface coated release agent, produced from the release paper.

Because the paper surface has paper and fiber, so the film must be to a certain amount, in order to ensure that there is no point of penetration, in order to ensure that silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, in order to ensure that there will be no peeling bad. General Lin Mozhi Linmo amount of 16 grams per square meter, is said to have Wenzhou area of 11 to 13 grams per square meter, very close to foreign advanced equipment Linmo data. In theory, as long as the tape can be peeled off from the release liner, a low amount of lamination is acceptable.

Lamination release paper is divided into single and double shower. General single-sided release paper is a single shower, of course, there are double-dipped single-sided release paper, because the release liner thicker generally 20 grams, generally 15 grams away from the profile is generally thin, so the release paper smooth.

If it is two-sided lamination volume are 22 grams of coated paper, then more suitable for double-sided release paper.

Lamination release paper are generally used in all wood pulp paper, especially the electronics industry. If you use straw pulp paper, there will be a lot of confetti in the die-cutting and easy to edge broken.

All wood pulp paper is generally called kraft paper, such as natural kraft paper (commonly known as: the cow), white kraft paper (commonly known as: white cow), yellow kraft paper (commonly known as: Japan yellow cauliflower), blue kraft paper (commonly known as: Indonesia blue color cattle).

Of course, also useful all-wood double-coated paper to do the base paper, more useful photographic paper base paper, and the use of coated paper and white paper, cattle card, milk card, etc. Paper made of paper.

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