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Paper Cup Bottom Different Types
Sep 22, 2017

Paper Cup Bottom Different types

Disposable paper cups with lacquer paper invented and applied for a long time, for unfamiliar people do not know the inside of the small mystery, the following Xiaobian will take you into the lamination paper.

For the characteristics of different food and customer needs, now on the market there have been different types of Lemao, such as PE film, PLA film, PP film. Disposable paper cups in addition to the installation of hot and cold, but also with soup, ice cream, instant noodles and other different food. Rhithers. Finds.s.s. Rhithers.s.s.s. Rhithers.s.ithers. Rhithers.s.ithers. Rhithers.s.ithers.s.s. Rhithers.s.ithers.s.s. Rhithers.s.ithers.s.ithers.s. Rhithers.s.ithers.s. ands.s. Finds.s. Rhithers.s. Rhithers.s.s. Rhithers.s.s. Rhithers.s.s. Rhithers.s.s. Thens.s.s. Thens.s.s. Thens.s.s. Then Rh- cup. In addition to pe linen, the most common of this Lecce, there are some customers for environmental protection have a very high demand, requiring food packaging can be completely degradable. So these cups are usually drenched on PLA linen (polylactic acid, biodegradable material), which is a fully degradable material that can all be degraded naturally after use. In addition, other food packaging emphasizes the function of microwave fast food, so this requires paper containers and other paper containers with PP film, in order to achieve long-term microwave heating food purposes. The latter two are in recent years, the development of paper cups in the new trend and direction. Especially the application of PLA membrane, making the paper container packaging really achieve the purpose of biodegradable, environmentally friendly.

The market is commonly used in the film is the film, and we use the film when the film is not only pay attention to the convenience of the film, but also to prevent its pollution of the environment. Paper cups are often seen in life, although the cups, but it can be filled with water, which is very interesting for us, it is well known that the paper is no way to hold the water, the general paper hit the water Will be wet, coated paper wholesale manufacturers produced by the coated paper for the paper cups to create the prerequisite for water. Laminating paper is used in a wide range of applications. In many respects, we can see the traces of the coated paper. In the packaging, the restrictions on the plastic bags make us a lot of plastic bags, so the development of new packaging is more Of the emergency, the emergence of the film, making the packaging industry has a new direction, and now a lot of food packaging are made with coated paper bags made of bags, this approach not only alleviate the white pollution, The composition of the film is also a safe and secure use of the premise of the use of bags. Laminating paper is also used in food packaging bags inside the desiccant package, because some of the coated paper can be permeable through the desiccant powder, so for food safety is also a certain protection, there are some disposable chopsticks, pressure Tongs, toothpicks, cotton swabs are used to wrap paper packaging. In the case of medicine, the traces of the coated paper can be found. In the packaging of some drugs and the packaging of the medical equipment, we can all see the traces of the coated paper. For the coated paper, the application is widely used. The higher the value. The current range of applications for coated paper continues to increase, but with the advent of new materials, new coated paper will be available.