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Paper Cup Bottom Health Performance
Aug 22, 2017

Paper Cup Bottom Health performance

In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, paper cups are a product of environmental conditions in this era. In the health-oriented, life-oriented and environment-oriented social trends, paper-making machines, paper-making machines and other environmental protection equipment are becoming more and more popular attention.

Production of paper cups to retain the advantages of paper products, such as fresh, moisture, visual, sterilization, temperature, corrosion, etc., paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with the disposable plastic cup, then its advantages are even more obvious, the paper cup with a paper material, health performance, processing performance, printing performance are very good. Not to mention the wide range of paper materials, can be large quantities of production, the species is also very rich. Compared to the non-replicable nature of disposable plastic cups, paper cups are low cost, light weight, easy to transport, easy recycling, so paper cups are favored by more and more manufacturers. ,

"GBP" national standard (GB / 27590-2011) will be formally implemented on June 1, the new national standard fundamentally on the paper cups of raw materials, additives, packaging, printing, etc. made higher than the industry standard requirements. Such as the cup cup and cup at the end of the printing position has strict rules: "cup from the cup body within 15 mm, the cup from the cup body within 10 mm should not be printed", so as to avoid consumers in the use of disposable paper cups The paper cups are printed on the printed ink, thereby increasing the safety of the paper cups.

Coated paper from 45-250 grams, the color has bleached, the white, yellow, golden yellow, brown leather, brown, brown, blue, etc .; lacquer paper at the end of paper mainly double plastic paper, all wood pulp paper, half Wood pulp paper, straw paper, recycled paper, Glassine Paper, white leather, brown leather, coated paper, photographic paper, weight 33-350 grams, single-sided PE Lin Mo, according to the requirements of production.

Release paper (also known as silicone paper) full range, the basis weight 40-300g / m2 can be quantitative production. Leave paper at the end of paper paper, paper, paper, CCK paper, overpressure paper, all kinds of coated paper. Glaxing release paper from 40-120g / m2, natural leather release paper 55-160 grams, 80-140 grams of yellow release paper, copper version of the release paper 95-220 grams, white release paper with 40-220 G. The above can be solvent-based and solvent-free silicon treatment, single-sided coated silicon, from the force can be coated 3-300 grams, the special requirements can be quantitative production.

Release film products are mainly PET from the film, the thickness of 0.012MM-0.25MM, the color to the main transparent, according to customer requirements for single, double-coated silicon, from the force can be coated 3-300 grams.

Can provide customers with cutting services.