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Paper Cup Bottom The Use Of Paper Cups
Jun 27, 2017

The use of paper cups in beverage packaging

1, the biggest function of the cup is used to install beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks, etc., which is its earliest, most basic purposes.

Drink cups can be divided into two kinds of cold cup and hot cup. Cold cups used to install cold drinks, such as coffee, black tea and so on.

Distinguish between cold drinks cups and hot drinks cups, they "perform their duties", once the "dislocation", it will threaten the health of consumers. The surface of the cold cup is subjected to wax or wax. Because the cold drinks will make the cup surface water, resulting in softening the cup, coated with wax can be waterproof. This wax is very stable and safe when it is between 0 and 5 ° C. But if used to install hot drinks as long as the temperature of the beverage exceeds 62 ℃, wax will melt the cups will absorb water deformation, melted after the high content of paraffin impurities, especially it contains polycyclic hydrocarbon organic compounds, is a possible carcinogenic substances, With the beverage into the human body will harm the health of people. Hot drink cups on the surface will be affixed to a layer of nationally recognized special polyethylene film is not only good heat resistance and high temperature beverage soak no toxic. Paper cup should be stored in a ventilated, Dry and non-polluting space, the storage period from the date of production generally not more than two years.

2, the use of paper cups in the advertising advertisers or manufacturers also use the paper cup as an advertising media to use.

Design in the cup on the pattern, you can give a different mood of drinking, but also to promote a product "symbol." Because the product's trademark, name, manufacturer, dealer, etc., can be designed on the surface of the paper cup. People can drink from the beverage, you can from these information to understand, understand the product, paper cups for people to understand these new products provide a platform.

Paper cup design prepress should pay attention to the problem

1, try not to make paper cups design and use full-size paper cups.

Full-size paper cups ink piled up too heavy, and the paper cups produced directly sealed packaging. The solvent ink is dried

The organic compounds emitted in the process, the alcohol in the moist liquid of isopropyl alcohol, polishing paint volatile gases are harmful to human health.

In the sealed space full of paper cups cover the whole cup body, close to the cup at the mouth, we use the paper cup to drink water when the lips will be connected

Touch the cup a certain position, it is easy to the above-mentioned chemical substances together with the liquid into the body affect the health. . The

We generally recommend that customers in the design of the production of paper cups should not be designed into full color, and the smaller the better color. Also in the same

Close to the cup at the location should not be designed graphics, especially the block color ink. Otherwise it will produce the same bad effect.

2, near the bottom of the bar, the text design should be raised 5mm.

Because the cup on the machine, the bottom of the cup 5mm to be pressed to ensure the stability of the bottom of the cup, but after the machine's high temperature

And the pressure effect is easy to make close to the bottom of the bottom of the graphics and text flowers, affecting the appearance. So when the design of the graphics by the time to rely on

Near the bottom of the text bar pattern should be based on the height of the bottom of the cup up about 5mm.