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Paper Cup Fan Cleanliness
Oct 24, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Cleanliness

First applied to the application of paper, light coated paper packaging, copper paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper); life I believe we all know is the paper cup paper, salt packaging;

Followed by drug packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, medical equipment packaging, pesticide packaging; other categories is the test paper, air bags, seed bags of paper, coated with silicon can do kraft paper tape, stickers at the end of paper, coated with anti-rust oil Rust packaging, one-time travel supplies.

Finally, in the chemical category, such as preservatives, desiccant packaging; there are food categories, such as tea packaging, melon seeds bags, bread bags, hamburger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee bags;

In addition to the above summary, I believe we will encounter other applications in life, hope that the above content can help you better understand and use the coated paper. Laminating paper Features:

1, cleanliness. Refers to the surface clean and cleanliness. Because the release of the paper manufacturers of the production environment is not the same, most of them is not clean studio, due to the cost of the problem, it is impossible to use clean studio, In general, are common plant, a little better in the environmental and environmental aspects of a lot of improvements, which will have an impact on the cleanliness.

2, from the type, from the type of release from the degree of paper, there is no absolute value in this point to see each manufacturer's formula to decide.

3, peel force, peel force is when the product is tear off, it is easy, of course, this has a strict test standard.Leopard paper is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the surface of the composite material, the main feature is this Composites can be oil resistant, water resistant (relative), can be heat-sealed. Different uses take its different characteristics: when used for packaging Hamburg, take its anti-oil characteristics. McDonald's is 80 degrees edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil spills. When used for coated paper packaging, take its waterproof features. When used in automatic packaging machine packaging, take its heat-fit characteristics. The role of coated paper:

(1), Gracin (at the end of paper for the Glassine) silicone paper: high temperature, moisture, oil, generally used for food industry packaging.

(2), ordinary release paper: moisture, oil, play a product isolation.

4, for the industry: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., and its use of most of the sticky and especially with the tape, especially the tape, so the general use of tape products will be used to release paper.

Laminating paper Scope:

1) Chemical categories: desiccant packaging, camphor ball, detergent, preservative.

2) food category.

3) wood products categories: spatula packaging, ice spoon packaging, toothpicks packaging, cotton swabs.

4) Paper: copper paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper).

5) life categories: wipes bags, salt packaging, paper cup paper.

6) Drug packaging: medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary medicine packaging.