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Paper Cup Fan Effectively Prevent The Oil Content Of Food
Aug 22, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Effectively prevent the oil content of food

PE coated paper that is made in the paper above a layer of PE plastic lamination, the following characteristics 1) anti-oil, because the PE layer after the film can effectively prevent the oil damage to the paper 2) waterproof, the same principle.

Test paper for appearance of coated paper

1, the first leaching layer should be coated evenly, consistent thickness, should not have membrane, stripping, shrink film, stratification and other undesirable phenomena;

2, the web end should be flat, not allowed to have serious warping, convex, the whole roll of paper joints should not exceed one, the connector should be marked;

3, the width of the polyethylene film should be less than 3mm, the other side without polyethylene film, trimming should be neat, not allowed to have burr, gap;

4, base paper and polyethylene composite surface is not allowed to have wrinkles. 3.2 Specifications Size of the paper weight and width According to the provisions of the contract contract, the basis weight deviation of the base paper does not exceed ± 3%, leaching layer weight as specified in Table 1, width size deviation of not more than ± 2mm. Disposable paper cups are shared with us from the Laminating Paper Mill. Pay attention to the paper packaging of the paper cups when shopping at the mall. If the use of fluorescent lamps found in the case of blue cups to prove that the fluorescent material is large, if the body intake will become carcinogenic substances, so in the purchase of disposable paper cups to have a certain method, the following disposable paper cups to share with the film mill 3 point cup selection method. 1, first hand squeeze the thickness of the paper cups within the package, to avoid the purchase of poor hardness of the cup, affecting the normal use of life.

    2, followed by the purchase, to ensure that the channels in the regular manufacturers to buy, to avoid shoddy manufacturers of paper cups caused harm to the human body.

    3, and finally to observe the disposable paper cup packaging and factory logo. Paper cup packaging to be intact, to avoid contamination of the external pollution cup cup is not guaranteed. Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation standards, production date, validity and so on. With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of society, many areas are practicing low-carbon environmental protection, packaging materials, as is the case. Many of the environmental pollution of the packaging materials are fading out of our lives, green packaging materials has become the packaging industry trends and the future. Laminating paper as a new type of packaging materials, and in recent years, the application of more and more widely, such as chemical, food, paper, life, medicine bags and other places can be used in some other The And in this application areas, high barrier film has become one of the important development direction of packaging materials, especially in medicine, food packaging, it is more and more emphasis on high barrier.