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Paper Cup Fan Health Quality Indicators
Nov 03, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Health quality indicators

The factors that influence the health index of paper cups are various. The performance and structure of ink, the printing area, the quality characteristics of base paper and the material structure of PE film will all affect the health quality index of paper cups. If the test results of coated paper cups are found to be hygienic indicators of arsenic, lead, fluorescent substances, decolorization test, evaporation residue and potassium permanganate consumption, some items do not meet the standard testing requirements, we need to carefully analyze the causes in order to effectively and accurately To carry out quality rectification. In fact, PE lamination, base paper and ink material characteristics of the existence of adverse factors, are likely to cause some health indicators of paper cups unqualified. According to the author's experimental analysis and view, if the ink is not good or printing area, it is very easy to lead lead, fluorescent substances, arsenic, evaporation residue, decolorization test and potassium permanganate consumption indicators are not normal. However, it is also possible that the reason for the poor quality of the base paper or PE lamination film requires decomposition analysis to correctly analyze the reason of the quality problem. The so-called decomposition test is a step-by-step to take appropriate measures to cause paper cups health indicators unqualified factors, respectively, comparative test analysis. Such as paper cups of lead, arsenic or evaporation residue indicators are not normal, poor ink characteristics may account for some more factors, but does not rule out the base paper or coating production process and material adverse factors. We proofing experiment, once found a potassium permanganate consumption and bleaching test indicators exceed the standard, after the decomposition of the detection analysis, and finally find out is the ink properties caused by discomfort.

Later, when we mass-produced all of our products were printed using a certain brand of eco-friendly inks, the consumption of potassium permanganate in the finished paper cups and the decolorization test indicators were no longer anomalies. Therefore, by printing the same batch of printing paper, respectively, different ink, the same layout, or with different batches of Lin Mozhi, different manufacturers of Lin Mozhi printing the same ink and area, respectively, the test data were analyzed and compared, You can more intuitive analysis of the root causes of the health problems of paper cups. Lin Mozhi is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the surface of the paper composite material, can be waterproof, oil, heat sealing. In recent years, we have been widely used, the following and Shandong Lin Mozhi manufacturers understand the application of Lin Mozhi what? First of all, applications in the paper category, light coated paper, copper paper packaging, photocopy paper (neutral paper); life I believe we all know that paper cups, salt packaging;

Followed by medicine packaging, traditional Chinese medicine packaging, medical equipment packaging, pesticide packaging; other types of test machine paper, air bags, seed bags of paper, silicone coated paper can be made of kraft paper, adhesive backing paper, Rust packaging, one-time travel products.

Finally in the chemical industry, such as preservatives, desiccant packaging; there are food categories, such as tea packaging, melon seeds bags, bread bags, hamburger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee bags;

 In addition to the above summary of the introduction, I believe we will encounter in life other applications, I hope the above content can help you better understand and use coated paper.