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Paper Cup Fan Printing Processing
Oct 13, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Printing processing

First, pe linen paper cut into fan-shaped paper cups, and then through the paper cup machine can be made into the required products. Before cutting the coated paper, you can also print ads and logo on paper that does not contain water and drinks.

Production of paper cups pe film is divided into single-sided film and double-sided membrane, so the printing method is different. Single-sided pe coated paper, can be printed directly on the base paper, while its surface must be clean, dry, smooth, no dust, no oil; for double-sided film, because the surface of the pe material tension is low, so the printing Can be carried out before the corona treatment, increase its surface tension.

To make a safe, healthy, exquisite disposable paper cups, the election of pe film manufacturers is the key. Laminating paper, professional Laminating paper manufacturers, years of industry experience. Produced by the company's advanced film, cutting accurate, smooth face, is the production of disposable paper cups of choice. 1. Q: Is a one-time paper cup containing wax, harmful to your health, is it true?

Painted wax inside and outside the surface coated with paraffin wax, gently scrape it can be scraped paraffin, can only be used for ladle, ladies drink can lead to melting wax. Lymph cup in the inner wall covered with a layer of PE film, the inner surface is more smooth, can be used to hold hot drinks, safe and sanitary.

2. Q: drink with a one-time cup, will be dissolved into the ink, harmful to the body, is it true?

The inner wall of the paper cup is not printed, the liquid will not come into contact with the ink, and the standard requires that the paper cup is not discolored after soaking in 65% ethanol and the QS certified product is safe. The poor quality of the paper cup printing ink may touch alcohol after fade, this product is harmful to the body.

3. Q: disposable paper cups inside the waterproof material is toxic, add the fluorescent whitening agent will cause cancer, is it true?

Paper cups are generally divided into two types: leaching cups and waxed cups, shower cups waterproof material generally use PE film, wax cups waterproof material using food grade paraffin, meet the standard requirements of the inner waterproof material is safe. In accordance with national standards for paper cups can not add fluorescent whitening agent, printing ink should not contain fluorescent whitening agent, but the fluorescent whitening agent is not included in the list of carcinogens.

4. Q: printed pattern of disposable paper cups toxic, is it true?

The use of environmentally friendly ink printing is safe, but does not rule out some paper cups using solvent-based ink printing, resulting in toxic solvent residues and there are security risks.

5. Q: thick one-time paper cups are better than thin, is it true?

Thick cups of high stiffness, end is not easy to spill, deformation.

6. Q: Is it true that a disposable paper cup meets hot water to release toxic substances?

Meet the standard requirements of the PE film at 200 ℃ above will produce decomposition, Laminating cup wall PE film encountered hot water will not release toxic substances, so the shower cup hot water is safe to drink.