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Paper Cup Fan Quality Is Good Or Bad
Sep 22, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Quality is good or bad

We usually use the paper cup, the reason why the water can not leak, or because there is a layer of coated paper, and the release of paper in accordance with the paper is not plastic from the classification, can also be classified according to release agent, coated paper quality is good or bad And the type of direct impact on the quality of our disposable paper cups, poor quality of the film, will give us the health of the body caused some harm, and different types of coated paper, the use will be different, one-time The importance of paper cups with coated paper is self-evident. 1 . Leaf release paper

Base paper after the lamination, in the leaching surface coated with release agent, the production of release from the paper. Because the paper surface with paper wool and fiber, so the lamination must be a certain amount in order to ensure that there is no penetration point in order to ensure that the silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, in order to ensure that there will be no stripping, Single and double leaching.

2 . Glaxin release paper

Grapevine paper by overpressure after the release of release agent produced by the release of paper. Gracin because after super calendering, paper firmness is very good, especially suitable for die-cutting plant use. 3. CCK release paper

CCK base paper is coated with a layer of special clay after the release of release agent, produced by the release paper. Because of its high temperature performance is particularly good, is widely used in the carbon fiber industry.

4. Other release paper

In addition there are some release paper is widely used in many industries, but also do not use the release agent. For example, label printing plants tend to be in a place where there is a layer of varnish, will have a certain ability to leave, of course, to the performance of glue is very weak. Laminating base paper is a cardboard used exclusively for shower cups, with high stiffness and high water resistance, generally not coated. Laminating paper is a kind of liquid wrapping paper, the time it takes to use liquid is relatively short, usually tens of minutes to one week. According to the disposable paper cup with the use of coated paper requirements, it needs to have water, oil, anti-lactic acid, anti-hydrogen peroxide and other properties. Stiffness index is an important indicator of leaching base paper, improve the stiffness is the production of leaching base paper a key technology. The main factors affecting the stiffness are: the number of layers of cardboard, the choice of fiber raw materials and its ratio, the thickness of cardboard, the control of water, the use of chemical additives.