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Paper Cup Fan Reasonable Design Of Paper Cups
Sep 11, 2017

Paper Cup Fan Reasonable design of paper cups

In daily life, we often need to use paper cups, so some businesses often wholesale or order some paper cups to make paper cups to prepare for contingencies. It is important to do the following three things when making paper cups.

1, the most critical point is that the printing of paper cups must be used to show what is the nature of the water, for only suitable for ladle filled with cold water, if in full bloom hot water will lead to the cup surface PE layer dissolved, Human health causes harm.

2, to rational design of paper cups, where the design is not required to design a cup of beautiful how attractive, the key is to require the design of the paper cup to facilitate printing, in line with relevant regulations. In the design of the paper cup when the need to pay attention to is to use professional design software to design, so as to ensure that the paper cup in their own design at the same time the cup and the text on the pattern placed correctly.

3, to ensure that the quality of paper cup printing, then we need to pay attention to the paper cups of paper materials, only good paper to do the quality of paper cups cup, ink printed on the ink is strong, it will not lead to the cup face dirty thing. Formal Laminating Paper Production The manufacturer will evenly coat the hot-melt PE plastic film on the surface of the paper to form a coated paper. This type is similar to ordinary paper, which has a waterproof and oil-resistant, the main application of food into a carton, paper cups, paper bags and packaging, but also as industrial waterproof paper.

  Ordinary paper is composed of wood fiber, absorbent strong, so we all know the paper moisture absorption, fear of tide. The use of Laminating Machine PE plastic hot melt evenly coated on the paper surface, the formation of a thin layer of film, because it is hot melt on the surface of the paper, so combined with labor solid, easy to get out, and the entire process does not use any chemical Solvent, very environmentally friendly, and in the latter part of the secondary processing of packaging, do not need adhesive, directly by virtue of this layer of PE film, in the hot melt sealing.

   Commonly used in food packaging, play a moisture-proof and anti-oil function, our daily life to see the disposable paper Huai, Burger paper bags, melon seeds bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, aviation garbage bags are made of this material The.