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Paper Cup Fan The Main Origin
Jun 27, 2017

Paper Cup Fan The main origin


China's fan is loved by the people, in addition to the fan can enjoy the cool air, but also and the fan elegant and fanatic painting and calligraphy art inseparable. Fan in China has a long history, according to historical books, said: "Huang Di for the five-fan", can be described as early. Western Zhou Yu made "feather fan" has a decorative function of aesthetics. Han Dynasty began to use light and simple bamboo fan, after the Han Dynasty appeared to bamboo as a frame to the fan as the fan of the fan fan. Wan Fan, also known as fan, suitable for painting and calligraphy, and more to bone, jade, ivory and other handle, falling to tassels, it is precious Ya, this fan in China more than a thousand years, especially for the boudoir ladies favorite. Tang Ren Yan "Yuan Dynasty" in mind, celebrity Yang Xiu Cao Cao painting fan, accidentally dropped a ink point, the homeopathic painting into a fly, visible, at least in the Wei Jin on the popular fan painting.

Fan bone useful ivory, tortoiseshell, sandalwood and other valuable materials made, the fan is divided into gold, gold, hammer gold, Tu Xiang several kinds, and some also please craftsmen in the fan bone surface carved, become a precious Art, a price, the value of 100 gold. Fan fan sector was semi-circular arc on the width of the narrow to four around the radial, and thus in the composition of the rules and deeds of ink are unique charm, the Northern Song Dynasty in the folding fan on the poem painting. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties culture people like to fan in the fan painting, so that fan painting and calligraphy art in China shine, wide range of themes, diverse styles, the writing sector, although not Yingbu, birds and insects, landscape ladies, characters story, mix and match, become China A special artistic variety in painting.


There is a saying that "the summer is like a fire, the son of the Sun Sun fan shake", the fan since ancient times as the hands of the writers of ordinary people in ancient times, and because the fan in the traditional sense of "Lucky" meaning, so many companies are There are in the office desk or the lobby and even the home study room living room will be decorated and decorated dinette.

Material editing

The main materials are: bamboo, wood, paper, fan, ivory, tortoiseshell, jade, birds feathers, other palm leaves, betel leaf, wheat straw, pudding, etc. can also be compiled or made a variety of daily craft fan, Beautiful shape, refined structure, the craftsmen carefully engraved, carved, hot, drill or celebrity poems, so that the fan art worth a hundred times.

Origin editor

Fan mainly produced in China's Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places. With the improvement of people's living standards, fans as a function of the function is gradually subsided, more people value is its art, and used in the collection, play. This traditional craft is with its unique artistic charm glow with new vitality.

Chinese fan culture originated in ancient times, our ancestors in the hot summer season, readily hunting plant leaves or poultry feathers, simple processing, for the barrier against the wind, so the fan has a day, this is the beginning of the fan source. Fan in China has three or four thousand years of history, after thousands of years of evolution and improvement of the development has improved into hundreds of fan family, but the general summarized as two categories; a flat fan (that is, fan, sunflower, wheat straw, Jade version of the fan, etc.) can not be folded, folding fan can be freely open stack. Flat fan to the "fan" (palm fan) "bamboo + Czech" (ancient bamboo with the preparation of the fan called "bamboo + Czech"). Warring States period Qin and Han Dynasties, a semi-regular "noodles" its shape like a single door, it is also known as "fan" single door can be covered as a fan of the mainstream. "Noodles" are made of fine bamboo strips, up to the emperor, down to the civilian use of it.