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Paper Cup FanPaper Cup Fan Practice Tutorial
May 22, 2017

  Paper cup fan practice tutorial

1, first set your cup size and cup size, cup height (can take paper cup reference), draw three straight line "workers" and the level of alignment, respectively, for the cup diameter, cup diameter and height;

  2, Paper Cup Fan the vertical line down to extend, and then connect the upper and lower lines of the end of the line and the upper right corner as the reference point zoom extension path and vertical line intersection;

  3, with the scissors tool cut in the intersection, delete the excess path;

  4, delete the vertical line, and the new draw a line connecting the intersection point and the bottom of an anchor;

  5, Paper Cup Fan with the rotation tool to the intersection point as a reference point to rotate two lines to both sides of the horizontal line (with intelligent reference)

  6, respectively, to the two lines for the radius, the intersection point for the center to draw two rounds;

  7, with the calculator to calculate the "cup diameter ÷ large circle diameter × 360" to get the fan angle, and then the long line by this angle rotation copy of a;

   8,Paper Cup Fan the two long lines and two rounds selected, the division (may be appropriate to extend the line in order to facilitate segmentation);

 9, delete the excess fan, with a rotating tool to turn into a horizontal place;

  10, and finally get the paper cup fan, you can also offset the path to do the blood, the cup pattern can copy a fan of the arc, and then partial path to, and then add the path to the brush.