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PE Coated Bottom Roll The Main Components
Jun 19, 2017

PE Coated Bottom Roll The main components

Roller is the main component of the rolling mill in steel rolling production, one of the stand or fall of roll, roll management of appropriate or not will directly influence the efficiency of the mill, and the rise and fall of consumption and production cost of high and low. For this purpose, we will make the following statement: 1, roll turning process 1.1 roll must be machined on the professional lathe. 1.2 roll turning processing must have (1) pass figure, (2) distribution diagram model (4), (3) pass card roll management, complete four charts (content) can start turning. If the four parts are missing one (or not), the car should be stopped, and then the roll will be cut after the completion of the match. Before the rolling roller of 1.3 car rolling mill, it can be used to check the holes, the roller drawing, the template, the lathe blade, and the lathe can be cut without error. Before 1.4 roll turning, first of all, according to the roller drawing from left to right with a pointed knife line positioning, roll in the car, first problem cannot be found out by the inspection or mutual parties can roll as a benchmark in turning upper and lower roller. The upper, middle and bottom rolls should be inspected at any time in the process of turning, so as not to affect the adjustment of the spot rolling. 1.5 pass roll turning over may pass chamfering, 2, groove roll cutting technical requirements 2.1 was turning light grey roll ovality: Φ 650 0.2 mm or less; Φ 500 a 0.2 mm or less, Φ 500 two 0.15 mm or less, Φ 500 three 0.1 mm or less. The turning of the rolling mill is based on the left side, and the turning of the car is in the order of kong. 2.3 groove cutting deviation: Φ 650 20 or less, pass taper of 15 or less silk, roll pass centerline cumulative deviation of 1 mm or less, but it must be one-way deviation, never allow 2, 4 Kong Na partial, 3, 7 hole north by. The turning of a rolling mill is a complete set of turning. 650 for a set of three roller Φ; Φ 500 a four roll for a roll in the two, roll up and down each one; Φ 500 second frame (except Φ 40, Φ 45), three are two roll a; Φ two Φ 40, 500 Φ 45 two sets of roller. New drive roll or repair the old roller are turning by set, as a result of a particular set of roll breakage share a set of two sets of, must comply with the above technical requirements, agreed by professional engineers visa rear can use. No special, generally not to be used up, the roll can be put on a new roll, but must be up and down by 4 ~ 8mm (the upper roll is big, the lower roll is small). The bottom direction and horizontal leakage must be strictly controlled. General Φ below 65 for 5 wire, Φ ~ Φ 100 to 10 70, Φ Φ of 105 ~ 105 of 15 silk.

Groove design to match roller design, group discussion to sample making, tool design, tool making and roll processing (samples, drawings, turning three proofing) - roll check - roll number and roll into the Treasury (into 5 s storage rack) - register account - roll use - adjuster the reinspection - production records storage rack (5 s) - > reset or processing.