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PE Coated Paper Decomposition Test
Nov 03, 2017

PE Coated Paper Decomposition test

Lin Mozhi is an important raw material for the production of paper cups, but also a major factor affecting the quality of products, especially paper cups related to food safety, if some health indicators appear unqualified, it is likely to directly or indirectly affect consumers' health. Paper cup products and coated paper health indicators test analysis:

1. The same batch of printing paper printing ink decomposition of different brands of analytical methods. With a piece of coated paper products sampling a number of pieces, respectively, with different brands of ink, and were compared to detect and analyze, you can determine the different characteristics of the ink, paper products, a health indicators impact.

2. Base paper and PE coating decomposition detection method. At present, there is no national standard membrane coated paper, paper separation testing methods, the author in many years of testing experiments and analysis work to find out a coating film, paper separation detection method of quantitative determination of coating. Which can be extended to PE coated paper and paper base of the health indicators detection, the specific approach is: randomly take a number of sheets of paper, respectively, on the lamination paper horizontally (corresponding to the direction of the width of the lamination roller) Different parts, with a quantitative sampler punched 10 100cm2 sample, soaked in alcohol for 48 hours, so that the PE film and the base paper can be easily peeled off the artificial tear, PE film and the base paper can be some of the health Indicators were tested and analyzed separately.

3. Different coated paper using the same ink and printing the same layout decomposition analysis. Using the same brand of ink, with different manufacturers or different manufacturers in the same batch of Lin Mozhi, printing the same area layout, so that you can compare the health indicators of different Lin Mozhi analysis and judgment.

4. With the same batch of printing paper printing different pages of paper cups decomposition analysis method. Samples of the same piece of coated paper products, a number of Zhang, divided into two samples, respectively, the same brand of ink, printing two different areas of the layout, and then were tested and recorded data, can be comparative analysis, so you can determine Ink printing area size, a cup of paper products health indicators impact.

It can be said that the base paper is the source of product quality paper cups, paper cups do a good job of product quality control, the first priority should be to pay attention to the quality control of raw paper, good raw material procurement control, which is to protect the health of consumers and promote social civilization and progress , Building a harmonious society, has very important practical significance. Believe that most consumers nowadays buy disposable paper cups, do not pay attention to some issues, just blindly buy, then how should we choose to purchase disposable paper cups? Now we work with Xiaobian look at the safe purchase of disposable paper cups of coated paper method: I believe that most consumers now buy disposable cups, do not pay attention to some of the issues, just blindly buy, then how should we be safe Buy disposable paper cups coated it? Below we will look at Xiaobian safe choice of disposable paper cups coated paper method: