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PE Coated Paper Detection Analysis
Oct 24, 2017

PE Coated Paper Detection analysis

Modern society, disposable paper cups to provide us with a lot of convenience, then what is a one-time paper cup in the end environmental protection?

Disposable lamination paper

Disposable paper cups are divided into white cardboard, waxed paper cups, paper cups, which are the most widely used paper. The state stipulates that the production of paper cups can not use fluorescent bleach, and paper cups need to coated in the inner wall of a layer of coated paper, this time some greedy business in order to reduce costs, the use of discarded cartons when the raw materials, go inside a lot of fluorescent bleaching So that in the purchase time do not covet small cheap, for health sake, should choose a regular cup cup production plant. Paper cup products and coated paper health indicators of the detection and analysis:

1. The same batch of coated paper printing different brands of ink decomposition detection analysis method. To the same piece of coated paper products to sample a number of sheets, respectively, with different brands of ink, and were compared to detect the analysis, you can determine the different characteristics of the ink, paper cup products, a health index of the situation.

Method for the decomposition of base paper and PE. At present, there is no method of film and paper separation in the national standard. In the years of testing and analysis, the author explores a method for detecting the release of the membrane. Which can be extended to the coated paper PE coating and the detection of health indicators of the base paper, the specific approach is: take a number of sheets of random paper, respectively, on the Laminating Paper Transverse (corresponding to the direction of the shower drum width) Different parts, with a quantitative sampler punching 10 pieces of 100cm2 sample, soaked with alcohol for 48 hours, the PE film and the base paper can be easily artificial tear separation, respectively, the PE film and the base paper of some health Indicators were individually tested and analyzed separately.

3. Different coated paper using the same ink and printing the same layout for decomposition analysis. Using the same brand of ink, with different manufacturers or the same manufacturer of different batches of production of coated paper, printing the same area of the layout, so that you can separate the different indicators of health indicators to analyze and judge.

4. The same batch of coated paper printing different layout of the paper cup decomposition analysis method. To the same piece of coated paper products to sample a number of sheets, divided into two samples, respectively, the same brand of ink, printing different areas of the two sections, and then were detected and recorded data, you can conduct a comparative analysis, Ink printing area size, the paper cup product of a health indicators of the situation.

It can be said that the base paper is the source of the quality of the paper cup product quality, good paper cup product quality control, the first should focus on the quality control of the original paper, the procurement of raw materials control, which protect the health of consumers, promote social civilization and progress , To build a harmonious society, has a very important practical significance.