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PE Coated Paper Health And Reliable Performance
Oct 13, 2017

PE Coated Paper Health and reliable performance

It is understood that China's major paper cups of paper is currently domestic, a small amount of imports, with the mill's production process continues to improve, the current domestic paper cup paper has been basically and imported paper cups base quality comparable. Disposable paper cups are mainly used for the production of wood pulp, the surface of the product than sugar cane paper cups to be smooth, but the cost of paper to be higher than part. General paper cups of the base paper production plant is not responsible for the paper Lin Mo, a special Laminating Factory on the paper cups for cutting and film. On the use of disposable paper cups is not environmentally friendly, we mainly recommend customers to choose sugar cane fiber and reed pulp of the base paper production, the base of the environmental health and safety, can be born and the speed is particularly fast, biodegradable, Mainstream for the market. Paper cups are made from paper cups and plastic resin particles, and plastic resins are generally made of polyethylene resin (PE), paper cups are coated with single-sided PE film or double-sided PE film as single PE paper or double PE paper The PE has its own non-toxic, odorless, tasteless; reliable sanitary performance; chemical stability; physical and mechanical performance balance, good cold resistance; water resistance, moisture resistance and a certain oxygen, oil resistance; excellent molding performance and good The heat sealing performance and so on.

PE production capacity, convenient source, low price, but not suitable for high temperature cooking, if the paper cup has a special performance requirements, the use of the film when the corresponding performance of the plastic resin. Laminating base paper is a cardboard used exclusively for shower cups, with high stiffness and high water resistance, generally not coated. Laminating paper is a kind of liquid wrapping paper, the time it takes to use liquid is relatively short, usually tens of minutes to one week. According to the disposable paper cup with the use of coated paper requirements, it needs to have water, oil, anti-lactic acid, anti-hydrogen peroxide and other properties. Stiffness index is an important indicator of leaching base paper, improve the stiffness is the production of leaching base paper a key technology. The main factors affecting the stiffness are: the number of layers of cardboard, the choice of fiber raw materials and its ratio, the thickness of cardboard, the control of water, the use of chemical additives.

In order to make the leaching base paper has a high degree of sizing to meet the requirements of the use of leaching base paper at the same time using rosin and AKD glue sizing. Rosin can provide the ability to resist hot hydrogen peroxide but can not resist penetration of lactic acid from the edge to the inside of the board. Single-sided PE film cups: single-sided PE coated paper production of paper cups called PE paper cups (domestic common market paper cups, advertising cups are mostly single-sided PE coated paper cups), its performance is: paper cups water The side of a smooth PE Lin Mo;

Double-sided PE film cups: double-sided PE coated paper production of paper cups called double-sided PE paper cups, in the form of: paper cups inside and outside have PE lining paper cup size: We use ounces (OZ) as a unit to measure the paper cup For example: the market common 9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7 ounces of paper cups and so on.

Ounce (single-sided PE Lin Mo paper cups: single-sided PE coated paper produced by the paper cup called a single PE paper cups (domestic common market paper cups, advertising cups are mostly single-sided PE film cup), its performance: paper cup There is a smooth PE lining on the side of the water;