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PE Coated Paper In Roll Appearance Point Of View
Sep 29, 2017

PE Coated Paper In Roll Appearance point of view

What do you know about the use of lacquer paper?

The main business scope includes: all kinds of PE coated paper, release paper (with Glaxin paper release paper, kraft paper release paper, Shuangjiaozhi release paper, copper paper release paper, etc.), silicone paper, Film and so on. Laminating paper from 45-250 grams, the color is bleached, the white, yellow, golden yellow, brown leather, brown, brown, blue, etc .; lacquer paper at the end of paper mainly double plastic paper, Wood pulp paper, straw paper, recycled paper, Glassine Paper, white leather, brown leather, coated paper, photographic paper, weight 33-350 grams, can be double-sided PE Lin Mo, according to the requirements of production. Laminating paper is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the surface of the composite material, the main feature is that the composite material can be oil, water (relative), can be heat.


1, chemical categories: desiccant packaging, preservative;

2, food categories: tea packaging, melon seeds bags, bread bags, hamburger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee bags;

3, paper: copper paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper);

4, life categories: salt packaging, paper cup paper

5, medicine packaging: medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging;

6, other categories: test paper, air bags, seed bags of paper, coated with silicon can do after the end of paper, kraft paper tape, coated with anti-rust oil to do rust packaging, one-time travel supplies.

Appearance, the coated paper and the same specifications coated with silicon plastic release paper is no different; and coated with silicon from the film and the ordinary film is not good to distinguish the naked eye, but you only need to help with a few A simple tool and operation, you can distinguish between their differences, a tape, a signature pen, plus a small hand-tear test.

First of all, we look at the difference between ordinary plastic film and release film, cut a tape, respectively, stick to these films, and then peeled down, feel very easy to open, in the process of exposing, no sound , Is coated with silicon from the film, and more difficult to open, in the process of exposing the squeaky sound is not coated with silicon ordinary plastic film. In this way can also be a single-sided silicon coated single-silicon release film, or double-coated silicon double-silicon release film, and even more than one side of the number of silicon coated, peel the size of the size. There is also a method is to use a pen to detect, in the film surface, from the surface of the film can not draw any ink, and the ordinary film will have different shades of ink marks.

There is a plastic release paper and the same specifications of the coated paper can not see the appearance, but the above method can distinguish between the difference between the two.

The appearance of glossy plain paper and linen paper is sometimes very similar, but if you tear them apart by hand, plain paper has only fiber hair at the edge of the tear, and the lacquered paper will have some small Small diaphragm. If the tape is used to test, there will be a sound in the process of exposing the tape, but the tape will not stick anything, and glossy plain paper will stick the paper surface coating and wood fiber.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the grape-coated Glaxin release paper and the general, lacquered release paper with the same size and color, and they also have the same distance.