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PE Coated Paper In Roll More Extensive
Aug 30, 2017

PE Coated Paper In Roll More extensive

Paper cups are very familiar to us, because in our lives more widely, many occasions will see a one-time paper cups figure, although the disposable paper cups easier to use, but still pay attention to the use of paper cups when the The problem may be very convenient when used, but there is a stealth problem, we must pay attention. Let's take a look at the problem. There are a lot of irregular manufacturers, in the processing of the manufacturers when the use of poor quality materials, processing process will be cracking changes, and produce a lot of harmful substances, people now life will prepare some paper cups, or in the The work of the occasion will also use the paper cups, in the past when people use most of the wax is coated with paper cups, its production process is not used to adapt to the scope of paper paper cups, wax coated cups only Cold drinks use, and can not be loaded with oily things, and now use the paper cup paper can be carried out a lot of things, because many manufacturers in the design of the cup when the cupboard is just produced to be sealed packaging , Because a lot of time when we drink water will be directly exposed to the surface of the paper cup, so if it contains harmful substances, then our health and bad impact. Some manufacturers in the production of time, pay attention to the production of materials into our body is no harm. We often see the paper cup there will be a layer of slippery film, this layer is the coated paper, its role is more resistant to high temperature, moisture-proof performance is also very good, then it's the production process is what? Although there is a little bit of complexity, but the staff to make the time is very serious and responsible. First of all, with the printing of the release paper, coated paper, silicone paper first printed, this step is very important, and then smear, the use of plastic film will be evenly coated on top, this time the first step is completed The. And then the coating machine will be organic coated silicon cloth into other materials surface, so that the formation of a layer of silicone layer, the role of this step is anti-oil does not stick. Because in the production of the time, do a great face, this time it is necessary to split it, make a single product, and then according to the needs of customers cut.