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PE Coated Paper In Sheet Classification Is More
Sep 11, 2017

PE Coated Paper In Sheet Classification is more

Laminating paper can have anti-oil, waterproof effect, the use of the scope is more extensive, and its classification is more, so for the packaging is very small, each category is more characteristic, today On its classification of the corresponding understanding, which are what classification?

1, Glaxin release paper. Grapevine paper by overpressure after the release of release agent produced by the release of paper. Gracin because after super calendering, paper firmness is very good, especially suitable for die-cutting plant use.

2, leaching off the paper. Base paper after the lamination, in the leaching surface coated with release agent, the production of release from the paper. Because the paper surface with paper wool and fiber, so the lamination must be a certain amount in order to ensure that there is no penetration point in order to ensure that silicone oil will not penetrate into the paper, in order to ensure that there will be no dislocation. Generally, the amount of lacquered paper is 16 grams per square meter, and it is said that the Wenzhou area has made 11 to 13 grams per square meter, which is close to the data of foreign advanced equipment. Theoretically, as long as the tape can be stripped from the release paper, and then the amount of low leaching is allowed.

3, CCK release paper. CCK base paper is coated with a layer of special clay after the release of release agent, produced by the release paper. Because of its high temperature performance is particularly good, is widely used in the carbon fiber industry. CCK base paper surface of the clay can easily damage the silicone, so the domestic production of CCK release paper can really pass a few still.

4, other release paper. In addition there are some release paper is widely used in many industries, but also do not use the release agent. For example, label printing plants tend to be in a place where there is a layer of varnish, will have a certain ability to leave, of course, to the performance of glue is very weak. Otherwise, this ability to leave the type is also futile. And some use of some special glue and other formulations produced by the release of paper accounted for the overall market share is very small.

The general type of coated paper is the above, the use of the industry is also very wide, so we use the time to pay attention to its characteristics, so that more clever use, to achieve better results, so we for the above To summarize the general understanding. More and more companies are beginning to use coated paper, and many consumers are already using paper of this material, but rarely know its name. Today, coated paper production printing manufacturers on the release of paper and other paper to do a simple introduction to help you deepen the understanding of the coated paper.

    Many people are easy to confluence of lacquer paper and varnish, but in fact, coated paper and varnish is completely different from the two industries, both belong to the same film, but both the production process and the characteristics are Very different. (PP, POP, PE and other types) directly cover the paper, the use of professional high-temperature composite machine; and coated paper is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the surface of the composite material. Laminating paper is the main feature of this composite material can be anti-oil, you can heat, and can be relatively waterproof.

    I believe that with the above description, we can have a simple understanding of the coated paper, know how to distinguish the coated paper.