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PE Coated Paper In Sheet Printing Performance
Sep 29, 2017

PE Coated Paper In Sheet Printing performance

Research and Application of Laminating Paper

Sticky paper rosin, tung oil, castor oil, acacia, honey, water. Sticky paper recipe

Weight: Rosin 6, Tung Oil 3, Castor Oil 1.5, Honey 1.0, Acacia 3, Water 45. Sticky fly paper operation

⑴ Preparation of tape paper: the gum arabic into the container, add formula 1/3 of the water, so that all dissolved, and then cut into strips of kraft paper, the glue brush in the two B paper on the B, dry. ⑵ system of sticky fly plastic: the rosin on the porcelain basin, add the remaining 2/3 of the water, heating, until the rosin dissolved, and then heat evaporation of water, when the water quickly when the basin, the tung oil and castor oil , Stir evenly, then add honey and mix thoroughly, continue to keep the excess moisture evaporation. ⑶ made sticky fly paper: the system will be made of sticky plastic brush with a brush in the Arabian glue coated with a piece of kraft paper, paper around leaving a certain gap is not brush, and then another piece of kraft paper with glue To the next piece of paper, hand gently can be flattened. In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, paper cups are a product of environmental conditions in this era. In the healthy, life-oriented and environment-oriented social trends, paper-making machines, paper-making machines and other environmental protection equipment are becoming more and more popular. attention.

Production of paper cups to retain the advantages of paper products, such as preservation, moisture, visual, sterilization, temperature, corrosion, etc., paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with the disposable plastic cup, then its advantages are even more obvious, the paper cup with a paper material, health performance, processing performance, printing performance are very good. Moreover, the wide range of paper materials can be carried out in large quantities, the type is also very rich. Compared to the non-replicable nature of disposable plastic cups, paper cups are inexpensive, light weight, easy to transport, easy recycling, so paper cups are favored by more and more manufacturers. ,

"GBP" national standard (GB / 27590-2011) will be formally implemented on June 1, the new national standard fundamentally on the paper cups of raw materials, additives, packaging, printing, etc. put forward higher than the industry standard requirements. Such as the cup cup and cup at the end of the printing position has strict rules: "cup from the cup body within 15 mm, the cup from the cup within 10 mm should not be printed", so as to avoid consumers in the use of disposable paper cups The paper cups are printed on the printed ink, thereby increasing the safety of the paper cups.