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PE Coated Paper Life Cycle
Jun 27, 2017

PE Coated Paper Life cycle

Coated Paper Cup Life Cycle Assessment Coated paper cups are disposable containers commonly used in everyday life. Due to changes in living habits and convenience of hygiene, disposable containers are commonly used in catering industry, conference reception and family hospitality. The Disposable tableware, paper cups are in direct contact with food supplies, and the short life, consumption is huge, if not the whole process of management and supervision, it is easy for human health and environmental quality adversely affected. Evaluation object: PE coated paper cups. To reduce the error, position the unit / 1000. (170 g / m2 paper cup paper 17 g / m2PE film, according to the production of paper cutting method, that is made per 1000 paper cup paper cup paper 4820g, of which 482g polyethylene film)

Life cycle involved in the collection of raw materials, transportation, processing, consumption, disposal and other aspects involved in the energy consumption and environmental impact, each part of the energy and material input and output, as well as the impact on the environment. For the production and processing of raw materials, the input and output of the list are as follows: supplies 4338g polyethylene 482g wood 8936g oil 726g water 484.5L air pollutants: CO2 emissions 13.34g SO2 emissions 46.16g NOX emissions 14.48g HC emissions 9.74g soot 41.71g. Water Pollutants: COD Emissions 101.31g BOD Emissions 18.11g. Solid waste: 1103.20g. This stage includes petrochemical production, paper production, due to petrochemical products on the high demand for non-renewable resources, paper industry water consumption, pollution are more serious.

Product Processing Stage: This stage includes sheet manufacturing and cup production. PE cup material and more need to be offset on the human body damage. Distribution: Each 1000 cups of the larger weight, and the paper cups involved in the industrial sector, the number of material transport more. Use phase: not associated with waste generated, if there is a problem with the material, will produce harm to the human body. Disposal: If the main landfill, then the recovery of energy consumption. Summary: PE coating paper cups in the raw material acquisition and processing stage of the larger environmental impact, the impact of the types involved are more, through some information, although its biodegradable, but the recovery of energy consumption and environmental impact is also greater. Therefore, in order to reduce its environmental impact, it should be from the raw material collection, processing stage (high energy consumption, high pollution) to proceed.

The release paper has a higher requirement for the base paper, i.e., the paper base, not only requires it to have a higher strength but also a strict requirement in terms of moisture resistance and moisture. In the amount of paper used in the general selection of 125g / m2 or more paper, the production technology is difficult, the thickness of the base paper and heat resistance control. In the loose thickness of the general use of softwood pulp and hardwood pulp ratio of the way to control the heat resistance in the need to add heat in the slurry to enhance the heat resistance of paper. So the general release paper will use the release of paper from the release paper, because of its good flatness, good toughness, in line with the basic requirements of release paper production. The release coating layer can be divided into two categories, namely, silicon release coating layer and non-silicon release coating layer. Silicone-based release materials include silicone resin and modified silicone resin with alkyd resin acrylic resin.