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PE Coated Paper Moisture-proof Performance
Sep 11, 2017

PE Coated Paper Moisture-proof performance

I generally buy what you buy products, in fact, are very healthy, but there are some fake manufacturers, to us outside the most used products, if the quality is not good for me, our health is detrimental. One-time paper cups, I am very common in our lives, such as home to the guests, and will use a one-time cup, but many people will not pay attention to why the paper cup will not leak it? Because in the inside of the cup there is a layer of film - coated paper, paper cups with Lin Lin paper, there is the role of water, then I, then I am you when you use it will not pay attention to its quality and safety? Manufacturers in the processing of coated paper when the more secure, we use the time will be smooth and safe, the use of good results. In the processing of the time when the film and the perfect combination of paper, there is a strong adhesive properties, and no pollution. If the use of coated paper made of paper bowl, then in the production process can not occur twice the volume of the phenomenon, so in the production is still very unfavorable, paper machine production to improve the elongation of paper, and do some measures Can effectively improve its own plasticity. There is also very important cardboard, very satisfied with the situation in the case, the paper has a certain flexibility, there is a good compressibility. Laminating paper in the printing time, not the side of the film, he must have a good color printing function. Now fast-paced lifestyle, maybe we are all adapting. So we will see a lot of products at work is a one-time, so for us is convenient, such as disposable paper cups, in life is very common, then you know why why should not the paper cup? Laminating paper manufacturers to answer your questions.

We often see the paper cup will have a layer of slippery film, this layer is the coated paper, its role is more resistant to high temperature, moisture-proof performance is also very good, then it's the production process is what? Although there is a little bit of complexity, but the staff to make the time is very serious and responsible. First with a printed release paper, coated paper, silicone paper first printed, this step is very important, and then smear, the use of plastic film will be evenly coated on top, this time the first step is complete The. And then use the coating machine will be organic silicon cloth into other materials surface, so that the formation of a layer of silicone oil layer, the role of this step is anti-oil does not stick. Because in the production of the time, do a lot of face, this time it is necessary to split it, make a single product, and then according to the needs of customers cut.