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PE Coated Paper Paper Cups Raw Materials
Jul 07, 2017

PE Coated Paper Paper cups raw materials

Paper cups in the daily life of the daily necessities of life is essential, whenever there are relatives and friends to visit, the holidays when the cups bring us a lot of convenience, but in life there is a certain bias on the paper cup, so understand the paper cup The production is essential. The main raw materials of paper cups are coated paper and outer patch. PE film paper (cup bottom paper and cup body paper) composition: a food cardboard and PE film combined to form PE coated paper, which food cardboard is pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp and other components; PE-poly Ethylene, white transparent, no smell, soft to the feet, in line with food packaging requirements. Single PE coated paper: for double cup cup, or hot cup, universal cup double PE coated paper: for cold cup cup or drum cup bottom double cup outside the patch: shore treasure company generally used is 240-250g / m2 between the quantitative cup, the background is gray, the front is the color coating surface composition, in the white coated surface after the plate offset, the water-based varnish, and then die into a fan, that is called outside Patch. Paper cups can also be used as a raw material for flexographic brush. Depending on the specific needs.

What is a single layer of paper cups, what is a hollow paper cup, what is a double paper cup, what is a double PE paper cup? Single layer cup, single layer paper cup concept of single layer paper cup is a kind of paper cup, also known as single side shower Membrane paper cup, that is, the paper inside the layer there is a smooth pe-coated single-layer cup is generally used to hold drinking water to facilitate people to drink. Third, single-layer paper cups of raw materials using food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film made of. Third, the characteristics of single-layer paper cup 1, safety and health, cheap, lightweight and convenient. 2, public places, restaurants, restaurants, home life, the company can use. 3, is a one-time items, convenient and affordable, do not pollute the environment. Hollow cup one, the concept of hollow cup cup is one of the disposable cups, it is hollow, with the insulation function, that is, double, but not double cups, but between the two The gap is called a hollow cup, and the mass of the hollow cup is much larger than that of ordinary paper cups. Hollow cup life is far more than ordinary paper cups or single-layer paper cups. Second, the hollow paper cup material hollow paper cups using food grade white cardboard as raw material plus PE Lin Mo, cup body inside and outside have PE Lin Mo. Third, the use of hollow cups The use of hollow cups are also widely used, generally used in milk tea shops, milk shop, cold drinks, fast food shops, cafes, dessert houses, as well as restaurant hotels and various entertainment. In recent years, in the domestic large and medium cities such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and other places have been accepted by the high-end beverage market, many food selection hollow cup as a product outside the product, package. Fourth, the advantages of hollow paper cup Hollow paper cups are very easy to use, and quality and safety, health and environmental protection, does not pollute the environment, belonging to a mid-range paper cups, beautiful appearance, generous decent The most important thing is to give users a warm feeling. Double cup cup, the concept of double-layer paper cups As the name suggests is the paper cup is double, there are two layers. The quality of the double-layer paper cup is better than the single-layer paper cup. The use of double-layer paper cups is also longer than the use of single-layer paper cups. It can also be used to hold hot drinks, such as hot coffee. Second, the history of the development of double-cup paper cup to expand the scope of application, in 1940, straight-walled double cup to the market, this cup is not only easy to carry, but also can be filled with hot drinks. After that, the manufacturer has coated the latex on these paper cups to cover the cups of the cup material, and to enhance the leak-proof of the paper cups. The single-layer waxed cups coated with latex are widely used for the sale of hot coffee The Double PE paper cups.