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PE Coated Paper The Main Feature Is That
Aug 16, 2017

PE Coated Paper The main feature is that

PE coated paper is the plastic particles through the casting machine coated on the surface of the composite material, the main feature is that the composite material can be anti-oil, water (relative), you can heat.


1, chemical categories: desiccant packaging, preservative;

2, food categories: tea packaging, melon seeds bags, bread bags, hamburger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee bags;

3, paper: copper paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper);

4, life categories: salt packaging, paper cup paper

5, medicine packaging: medical equipment packaging, Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging;

6, other categories: test paper, air bags, seed bags of paper, coated with silicon can do after the end of paper, kraft paper tape, coated with anti-rust oil to do rust packaging, one-time travel supplies.

PE coated paper is a layer of paper on the PE film, the finished product is called PE coated paper, mainly for packaging, food, medical and so on.

Release paper is coated on the PE coated paper with a layer of release agent, it is called release paper, suitable for advertising materials, double-sided tape.

PE coated paper PE plastic film evenly coated on the surface of the paper, this paper compared to ordinary paper in terms of waterproof performance and better oil resistance. Ordinary paper is made of wood fiber, the water absorption is relatively strong, so the ordinary paper is afraid of water, coated with PE plastic on the surface of the paper, will form a layer of film, not easy to leave, very environmentally friendly. Commonly used in our food packaging, disposable paper cups, melon seeds bags, paper lunch boxes and so on are made using this material. Mainly for industrial use.

Ordinary paper surface is not very smooth, not suitable for coating silicone oil, and silicone oil when the back to the back of the paper to the paper, so the paper to be processed, the paper made of release paper.

Release paper according to the processing of the process can be two categories: a plastic release paper and no plastic release paper.