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PE Coated Paper There Is The Role Of Water
Sep 22, 2017

PE Coated Paper There is the role of water

I generally buy what you buy products, in fact, are very healthy, but there are some fake manufacturers, to us outside the most used products, if the quality is not good for me, our health is detrimental. One-time paper cups, I am very common in our lives, such as home to the guests, and will use a one-time cup, but many people will not pay attention to why the paper cup will not leak it? Because in the inside of the cup there is a layer of film - coated paper, paper cups with Lin Lin paper, there is the role of water, then I, then I am you when you use it will not pay attention to its quality and safety? Manufacturers in the processing of coated paper when the more secure, we use the time will be smooth and safe, the use of good results. In the processing of the time when the film and the perfect combination of paper, there is a strong adhesive properties, and no pollution. If the use of coated paper made of paper bowl, then in the production process can not occur twice the volume of the phenomenon, so in the production is still very unfavorable, paper machine production to improve the elongation of paper, and do some measures Can effectively improve its own plasticity. There is also very important cardboard, very satisfied with the situation in the case, the paper has a certain flexibility, there is a good compressibility. Laminating paper in the printing time, not the side of the film, he must have a good color printing function.

 There are many cups, glass cups, glass cups or plastic cups in our usual life. In some public occasions or office occasions, paper cups are very easy to see, not only light weight, but also more convenient to carry, although the paper cup, but not Will leak, a one-time paper cup manufacturers to answer your questions. Why is it called a one-time paper cup, because it is not used for a long time, the same meaning of the same chopsticks can not be repeated use. Although it is a one-time paper cup, is not made of pure paper, mainly with a relatively thick paper, the outside of a layer of coated paper, and then processing on it. The coated paper is coated with plastic particles on the surface of the material through a finisher. It features a lot of water and oil and its heat resistance is very good. Laminating paper has a different classification: lined release paper, Glaxin release paper, CCK release paper or other paper type. There are many characteristics of the coated paper, the surface is very clean, because the environment is different to make the product cleanliness is not the same. Many manufacturers in order to opportunistic, more revenue, so the production of products, waterproof performance does not come out, which will have a lot of time to reduce the use of paper cups, the environment will be destroyed.

The use of disposable paper cups with coated paper not only strengthens the quality, from the environmental point of view, the protection of the environment is very favorable.