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Waste Newspapers, Don't Throw Old Paper Cup Nanjing Yanziji Low-value Waste Exchange Points To Change
Jun 08, 2016

For as long as I live, June 3 (Xinhua Peng Wang Luo p interns), old newspapers, glass products, disposable cups, and more of our daily everywhere a dime of what has now become can be exchanged for fresh vegetables, daily necessities, "baby", Nanjing's first refuse classification of low-value exchanges located in the swallow JI, operating only a few weeks to win the residents alike.

Chen, who lives in yanziji Street her weekly visit the "shop", have saved a lot of points for the list in total has 819 points, conversion can be exchanged to 81.9 Yuan daily. "With so many points I have accumulated for more than three weeks, thought usually these old newspapers, empty bottles and even recyclers don't, now that could change things. "Old aunt for two barrels of oil and two bags of rice and two garlic, exchanged so many gifts, her immensely.